What is the difference between Opus and other travel blogs?
Opus is a digital platform where all travel bloggers can share under the same roof.

What is the difference between Opus and other social media platforms?
Opus is a digital platform exclusively dedicated to your travels. Although you can reach travelers’ profiles in today’s huge social media platforms, since these are not designed for travel experiences, you cannot find a simple compact form of travel experience which combines image, story, map and wiki info at the same time. At Opus we aim to visualize a personal travel moment with all the necessary information needed.

What is the purpose of "highlights"?
We believe that each of us have a distinct and personal experience of a certain place; that everyone sees a place through their own eyes. We all have different educational/cultural backgrounds and different personalities, through which our experiences are filtered and everyone has a different story to tell; we just want to make it more fun using certain categories which we think are travel related.

Is the content fact checked?
Opus is a travel sharing platform for personal experiences and the content is made by the users themselves.

Do we have common principles?
We would like to share personal but accurate travel stories, selfies are fun but too much of them is boring; we would like to share information that we think would really interest other travelers.

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