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Opus.travel is a digital platform for sharing travel experiences. You can talk about your personal travels, provide information, tell stories, share pictures... in a variety of categories.

Our mission is to produce valuable and quality information about our travels. We all want to tell how we see the world in our own eyes and SHARE information about the places we visit.

Although we live in a digital information age where almost everything in the world is constantly being recorded and reproduced for a million times on the Web, we believe that each of us has a different way of perceiving the places and seeing them from a different angle. That’s why we value personal stories told in your own way, but based on accurate information.

OPUS means ‘a religious act’ in Latin and, likewise, ‘Apas’ means ‘a sacred act’ in Sanskrit. The logo refers to the oldest temple built by a hunter-gatherer or early human society in today’s Southeast Turkey, Gobeklitepe.

After all, TRAVELING is about unveiling the mystery, including the mystery about our own selves!

Please join us!