Didem Doğan

Ubud, doors and hills: Om Swastiastu and Campuhan Ridge road

While you are walking in the streets of and pass by the little narrow wooden doors of houses, schools, temples, etc. you will often see these two things: 1.‘Om Swastiastu’, this is the greeting word in Balinese culture. 2. the symbol of Swastika similar to gammadion cross. It’s the ancient symbol originated in the Indian subcontinents that is used to bring auspiciousness. It also represents the continuity of the cosmos… There’s a way to run away from the tourist crowds in Ubud, it’s right at the centre. Just in front of the Blanco Museum, at the left side of the bridge, a narrow road with stairs will take you to a trekking route. You’ll see a Hindu temple at the beginning of this route, it’s a 2 kilometre walking route in the middle of green hills and under the blue skies. At the end of your walk you’ll see cafés with coconut drinks, art galleries. Be there at the sunset, it’s highly recommended!

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