Didem Doğan

Two Studio: the art of Cantonese Opera and photography

When I was transiting Hong Kong Airport back form Tokyo to Istanbul I ran into this exhibition… The Association of Hong Kong Professional Photographers and the Association of Hong Kong Artists worked together in this project. 18 photographers have pictured 20 Cantonese opera artists at the Yau Ma Theatre. The art of Cantonese Opera is a traditional art but still alive, photography is relatively young as an art form. A performance art, with moving images is frozen in time by these photographs. The opera takes a classical piece and remakes-revives it at present time by performance, while photography takes a present moment and freezes it. The Cantonese Opera requires a lot of dedication, costume, make-up, the practice of the body and the face constantly to find the perfect gesture, facial expression, the artists spend years to reach to the excellent position; while photography is in search of moments in a world where movement is constant. The interesting encounter of two art forms…

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