Didem Doğan

Travelling by Train in Japan: from Tokyo to Kyoto

Most of you must have heard of the famous speed trains of Japan, those which approach the station like space ships. They are called Shinkansen, the speed trains which travel the around 450 kilometres between Tokyo and Kyoto in 2 to 2.5 hours. These trains which actually operate between Tokyo and Osaka stop in Kyoto. The tickets are hardly cheap, and you pay a lot more if you book a seat but if you don’t just as I didn’t, you can easily find a seat because they depart in every ten minutes. They are perfectly punctual and clean. The one called Nozomi is the fastest one among them. When you arrive in Kyoto, you will not find yourself at a simple train station: this is both a huge train station and a big shopping and food centre. It is enjoyable to spend some time here upon your arrival or on your way back. You can find anything you can name at the food lounge on the lowest floor.

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