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Tokyo Ueno Park and around

You can devote one day in Tokyo to Ueno Park and its surroundings. Ueno Park, Japan's first designed park, is a large complex consisting of museums, a zoo, a pond, and walking areas. Exit the Ueno subway station and start walking through the entrance gate of the park. This large park hosts many important museums. The Tokyo National Museum, which is considered the most important museum in the city, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, one of the most important art museums in Tokyo, are located here. In addition, the Museum of Nature and Science, the Museum of Western Art, the Ueno Royal Museum, and the Ueno Zoo are among the other museums in the park.

The northern facade of the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art borders the campus of Tokyo University of the Arts. This region, with its university students, university museum, and cafe, is a very enjoyable area where you can breathe the atmosphere of fine arts.

If you leave the Bartı side of the park and walk towards Kototoi Dori Street, you will have the opportunity to get to know an old settlement of Tokyo. There is a very beautiful temple here that is really worth visiting.

One of the oldest religious buildings in Tokyo is the Nezu Shinto Shrine, which has a history of approximately two thousand years. The current buildings were built at the beginning of the eighteenth century; they have all the features of a Shinto temple, with a garden behind the temple, torii gates, and a pond with red fish swimming in front of it.
In terms of architecture, it was built by taking the Toshogu Temple in Nikko as an example. It became one of my favorite places in Tokyo.

You can then walk towards the Yanaka neighborhood and walk through the streets with shops and temples from Tokyo's Taisha period. These neighborhoods, where you will breathe the air of old Tokyo, will take you into a completely different atmosphere that contrasts with modern districts such as Shibuya and Ginza.

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