Didem Doğan

Tokyo Teamlab Planets Digital Art Museum

It may be too touristy for some of us who are skeptical of digital art, but I think it is a very fun activity, especially for children. Teamlabs Planets is an interactive digital art space in Tokyo's Toyosu district.

You enter the museum, which is divided into a garden and water, by taking off your shoes and socks. They have created a pleasant area where you walk in the water and get lost among the flowers. You lie on the floor in a living room and watch the falling flowers as if you were watching shooting stars in the sky. This was my favorite place. In another, as you walk in the water, the fish reflected in the water from above move left and right with your movement. A kind of virtual reality perception has been created.

There is a cafe at the entrance of the museum that makes delicious vegan ramen. Both the museum and the cafe are more expensive than Tokyo standards because of the high demand from tourists-book your tickets in advance- but if you say you came to Tokyo once and want to try everything, you won't regret doing this fun activity.

Teamlabs has also created digital artworks in many other cities around the world; Some of the cities currently on display: Beijing, Singapore, Kanazawa Castle Park, Kyoto, Kyushu and many more.

Metro: Toyosu

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