Didem Doğan

Tokyo Photographic Art Museum

If you are interested in photography, this museum is for you. Located in the Ebisu district, adjacent to the Ebisu Garden complex, is the Tokyo Museum of Photography, one of the few museums in the world that focuses solely on photography. The entrance hall of this building, spread over four floors, invites you inside with black and white photography covering the entire wall on the right side and black and white square stones on the floor.

During my visit, the exhibition titled 'Leap before you look' included photographs by several Japanese photographers. One of them is Fuchikami Yuta; The Japanese photographer photographed hundreds of people from daily life in Ueno Park, one of Tokyo's largest public spaces. My favorite artist was Yamagami Shimpei with his photographs exhibited in a dark room.

Located adjacent to the museum, Yebisu Garden Place consists of shops and cafés; an area where you can have a good time with outdoor performances.

Metro: Ebisu
Tokyo Museum of Photography entrance fee: 700 yen (excluding current exhibitions)

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