Didem Doğan

Those Who Travel to Cuba for Hemingway: His Days at Hotel Ambos Mundos

Did Hemingway bestow fame onto Cuba? The American writer travelled to Havana in 1939, when this small island was a small fishing town no one knew about. He had lived in the room number 511 for seven years before he moved into a small ranch outside the town. That house, Finca Vigía is located aprox. ten kilometres from the old town and is open to public as a museum. He spent nearly twenty years in Cuba. Hemingway lived in Paris while he worked as a journalist, went to Spain to fight in the Spanish Civil War, witnessed both world wars, and also visited Istanbul. He seemed to choose a life voluntary exile. Did his life overshadow his works? He seemed to have solved the dilemma of ‘if you live, you cannot write and if you write, you cannot live.’ It is like the life of Neruda. We envy both his life and the simplicity of his style.

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