Didem Doğan

The squares of Cartagena: Plaza Santo Domingo and the Cathedral

It takes its name from the church that covers one side of the square. Most of the visitors will remember the Botero sculpture in front of the church, a naked lady in horizontal position with one arm behind her head. The church has a beautiful soft yellow-orange colour that reminds me the churches of Mexican colonial cities, they look as if less darker than the ones in Europe. I go inside and spend some time to enjoy the details of this beautiful architecture. The yellow white corridors, the white marble altar, a woman on her knees in front of the Virgin Mary, the Jesus Christ sculpture is again surprisingly black (like the one in Bogota’s Montserrate), a queue of people in front of the ‘padre’, father waiting to be signed. As I walk along the corridors I realise the names on the floor, there must be many graves, saints, royal families, ‘padre’s. I see another sculpture of a lying lady, that says ‘our lady in transit’, a virgin saint for whom there’s a commemoration every 15th of August. I go out and head to the streets again.

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