Didem Doğan

The rare calendar of the Victorian Amazonica flower

The biggest of the family of the water lilies, they can reach up to two and a half meters in size. They were born here, at the shallow waters of the Amazon rivers; were then taken to other parts of the world such as England, Australia. The British gave the name of the queen Victoria, but the locals name it differently: irupe, aguape,… The leaves remain alive for almost two months, we see the newly born leaves, the ones that are dying. Their roots under the water give way to the ones aho are to be born. The flower itself has its own story: this little one is on its first day on earth, it is white, the pink one is on its second day, their last day on the water is the third day. They always blossom at night, have a strong smell that attracts the insects and prisons them. With the water lines this part of the river is even more beautiful, calm and peaceful.

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