Didem Doğan

The centre of the old town of La Candelaria, Plaza Bolivar: religion, law and politics

We are at the centre of the old town of La Candelaria. This is the Bolivar Square. Right across us is the Cathedral, at the north side stands the Palace of Justice, at the south is the Capitolium, the Parliament. We read the words at the façade of the Palace of Justice: “Colombians, the arms gave you your independence, the laws will give you your freedom". At this Palace one of the most bloody events of Colombian guerrilla history took place. 06 November 1985, a group of guerillas called 19 April Movement, M-19, distrain 350 people at the building, including high rank officials, judges, visitors. The siege ends after almost 24 hours with the death of almost hundred people. Today, still at the process of peace process, Colombians want to forget this bloody page of history they are tired of being identified with… We walk to the Capitolium, at the corner a thank you message to the people of Ecuador “We thank to the heroes of Ecuador during our fight for independence’. At the back of the Capitolium is the official Palace of Presidence with lots of police guards at the door.

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