Didem Doğan

The big family of colourful birds in Iguaçu

Iguazu falls, which are expanded on Argentinian and Brazilian lands have another attraction worth seeing; when you are in the Brazilian side, right across the main entrance you’ll see the big, wonderful bird park. 

Parque das Aves hosts hundreds of bird species, here we see some of them: 

tachãs’, these black and white elegant birds with a ;broom like head scream so loud that they can be heard from two kilometers away, therefore called ‘screamer’ in English. They have a special spur on each arm to protect themselves against rivals, they are used to live close to water, here too we find them by the little lakes. Little ‘tachãs’ are born after a 45 day incubation period. 

We pass the ‘tachãs’ and come near the ‘flamingos’, the pink and white beautiful birds that never loose their elegance even when they make that funny movement to drink water. The special form of their beak allow them to go down the waterhole, filter it, and drink the clean water without the mud. Always in groups and by the water, their thin legs look similar to the ‘tachãs’, thus we think they are from the same family. We learn that they reproduce in colonies next to each other and leave their eggs. 

We go on, and we meet the yellow green ‘ararujabas’, with the colours of the Brazilian flag, which make them the symbol of the country. Originally from the tall trees of the Amazons they seem like enjoying the conversation. 

We continue and next are the ‘araras mansas’, a fascinating blue, I’m sure I’ve never seen this kind of blue color in my life, their neck covered in yellow and black, and green contours on their head, their eyes look as if they are painted on paper. We understand that they do not like loneliness, always found in couples, they are from the North and Central America, but are accustomed to different climates other than the tropics and are quite strong if you think that they live almost sixty years.

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