Didem Doğan

The Arts and Science Museum and Japanese artist Miyazaki & Singapore Art Museum, Cinerama

The most interesting and inspiring experience in Singapore has been the visit to these two museums. The Arts and Science Museum is the building with the shape of a white lotus flower looking at the sky, it’s situated by the river as an annex to Marina Bay Shopping Complex and can be reached by metro (exit Marina Bay). It houses exhibitions with specific themes: future, technology, science. When I’m visiting the Museum I have the chance to watch ‘Tourists & Spectres’, a short movie made by Japanese filmmaker and artist Daisuke Miyazaki. He tells the story of two Japanese girls, escaping their daily routine in Japan and coming to experience the tourist experience in Singapore. 

Another museum is located close to Bras Basah metro stop, The Singapore Art Museum is located at two places close to one another. You can have a walk at this area as it is also an art neighbourhood with dance and art schools. The exhibition Cinerama houses the works of ten South Asian artists, all with their video works, each one very talented: Oomleo is an artist from Indonesia and he specialises in pixel art, his animation video is shown at the entrance of the museum. On the first floor you see Victor Balanon’s (Philippines) work ‘The Man Who’, a tribute to silent movie era, I admire his work. The Indonesian art collective Tromarama, Jeremy Sharma from Singapore are among other artists. The art collective from Vietnam, The Propeller Group has made a short movie about the aesthetics of violence, taking scenes from Hollywood movies. The artist from Singapore Ming Wong reshoots Polanski’s ‘Chinatown’, the Malaysian artist Hayati Mokhtar’s Falim House, the Cambodian artist Amy Lee Sanford’s ‘Scanning’ and finally the artist from Thailand Korakrit Arunanondchai’s ‘There’s a word I’m trying to remember, for a feeling I’m about to have’ has the quality of a full length film. Chapeau!

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