Didem Doğan

Terrace Houses in Ephesus

"It is not only necessary to survive but to live a good life."

The Terrace Houses inside Ephesus show us the significant part of arts and philosophy for the elites of this ancient city. You may see the picture of Socrates or Cicero inside a house hang on a wall, or a mythological figure on the floor mosaic of a house. Terrace Houses located at the heart of Ephesus on the Curetes Street reflect the grandeur of the city during its peak period. Ephesus, the most advanced city of the Province of Asia was a city of more than two hundred thousand people which made it the most crowded city of Anatolia at that time.

Terrace Houses are a good example of Perstyl houses with a courtyard open to the sky at the centre, surrounded by adjoining rooms which make the living spaces; kitchen, baths, etc. The existence of a Basilica, a fountain, floor mosaics and marbles with themes from theatre plays and mythological figures on them, the decorations of the walls show the way the elites used to live. Several pieces found in the excavations such as sculptures, jewellers, etc. can be seen in Ephesus Museum in Selcuk.

After a long period of excavations the terrace houses are recently opened to public and they can be visited with a separate ticket, you will see the entrance on the left just before you reach the Library if you enter from the northern side.

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