Didem Doğan

Suleymaniye Mosque

Situated on a hill looking at the Golden Horn and the hills of the Pera district across this mosque is considered as the most important Ottoman monument in Istanbul. The architect Sinan built it during the reign of Kanuni the Magnificent in mid 16th century when the Ottoman Empire was its highest. It carries the name of the Sultan Suleiman and his tomb along with his family’s is located at the same place. The tomb of Sinan is also here; actually the mosque is a complex of schools, baths, gardens and courtyard. 

As you enter the garden you will pass through a garden and on the right side the banks looking at the Golden Hrn, the entrance of the Bosphorus and the Galata Tower; it is one of the places that offer the nicest views of the city. On the left hand side you pass the fountain and enter into a big courtyard surrounded by the four minarets; the rooms in the courtyard used to be the atelier and the house of the astronomer. Inside the mosque everything is harmoniously built to give the visitor the sense of highness, elegance and tranquility. We sit and enjoy all the details from the coloured glasses to wood works, from the marble arch to the calligraphy works.

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