Didem Doğan

Streets of Rome: from Via Guilia to Borghese Gardens

Rome, isn’t it the most beautiful city on earth, worth spending days on its streets, getting lost and lost again. A morning in December, here’s the route I made: 

I start in Via Guilia , go straight to the river side, walk along the autumn leaves still yellow in early December, across the river is Trastevere, a neighbourhood worth to spend a full afternoon, so I skip it now and keep walking on the left side of the river Tiber. I take one of the side streets that goes to the old historical town, pass the Piazza Campa de’ Fiori, a small square with flower shops, turn left and cross the avenue. Taking the side streets you’ll suddenly reach to the famous big square of Piazza Navona, take your time and see the whole square and then go on walking up again. You’ll reach Piazza di Spagna, where the famous Spanish steps are, always packed with tourists, but still one can find a corner for herself in one of the steps and watch the various tones of brown and yellow in the surrounding buildings. If you are bored with the crowds take one of the side streets on the right hand side and walk to Piazza del Popolo, one of the biggest in the city with its obelisk right at the center. The stairs on the right side of the square will take you to Borghese Gardens, climb them and watch the view from above. By the time you reach the gardens you’ll see bicycle booths, rent one of them for a couple of hours because the gardens are really big and one can only have a whole view of them on bike. After cycling along the trees, little bridges and ponds with the fresh air of the gardens go back till the Spanish steps, this time from the north side and watch the whole city passing by you on your right while you pedal on two wheels.

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