Didem Doğan

Shimogamo Jinja Temple

This is one of the oldest Shinto temples in Japan, built in a forest in the 6th century. I am passing through a park and then the red Shinto doors to enter the temple. Like other Shinto temples, it consists of a few halls where you can make a wish and pray. My curiosity is piqued by families with babies, and groups of brides, grooms and their families who came here to have their pictures taken, probably because it is Sunday. I am watching them for a while. All smart and perfect in their traditional costumes, they look like a painting. The perfectionism of Japanese people is so noticeable during the photo shooting that there is nothing out of place in their costumes or behaviours while they are lined up, and standing up there. It is another reason to admire a people who, despite their advancement in technology, are still so committed to their traditions.

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