Didem Doğan

Şerefiye Cistern

Another cistern smaller than the Basilica Cistern is located in Çemberlitaş. The Şerefiye Cistern is one of the five other cisterns built in the fifth century during the reign of Theodosius to meet the city's water needs; Şerefiye was named after the neighborhood where it was located during the Ottoman period. The building on this cistern, which was almost hidden due to a mansion built on it for many years, was demolished and opened to visitors after renovation.

The cistern is descended by a stone staircase. This rectangular cistern has thirty-two columns made of Marmara Island marble in Corinthian style. You will also see windows; These windows were made to prevent the water from spoiling and to ventilate it.

After visiting the Şerefiye Cistern, which is open to visitors every day between 10.00 and 22.00, you can walk towards the Ahırkapı side and visit the Sokollu Mehmet Paşa Mosque and then the Küçük Ayasofya Mosque.

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