Didem Doğan

San Telmo, the art district- Museum of Modern Art and Museum of Contemporary Art

The neighbourhood of San Telmo which is mostly known for its flea and antique market on Sundays is also the art district of the city. Many art galleries are found in this area as well as two museums that are standing next to each other. The Contemporary Art museum of Latin America and the Modern Art Museum of Buenos Aires

As we see the brick wall exterior of the modern art museum we go inside to explore the big collection of the exhibition ‘A Tale of Two Worlds’ spread out into two floors. In collaboration with the Modern Art Museum of Frankfurt the two museums gathered 117 artists from Europe, Latin America and the US with a collection of 500 pieces to think about the dialogue between two art world in post war period, a five decade period between 1940 and 1990. The exhibition aims to show the dialogue, the ideological positioning, different intellectual discourses and languages between the two worlds in a transition from modern to contemporary art. Cities, periods, conceptual frameworks, the artist defined his/her own identity mostly in reference to the other and the what and how he/she thinks about the other. Lygia Clark, Franz Erhard Walther, Alberto Greco, Yves Klein, Ben Vautier, Piero Manzoni, León Ferrari, Tomás Bayrle, Beatriz González, Claes Oldenburg are some of the artists whose works can be found in this collection.

Other Collections
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