Didem Doğan

Sagano Bamboo Grove and Okochi Sansou Garden

We are still in Arashiyama. If you walk up from the northern exit of Tenryu-ji temple you will end up at a path with a canopy of bamboo trees overhead. Long and thin bamboos shoot upward to the sky sporting leaves and form a roof over your head. It is like another planet here. So chilly like a fairy tale land. As I finish the path of bamboos I am coming across another garden at the end of the road surrounded by bamboos to the left. This place was built as the private residence of Denjiro Okochi, the famous film artist of the time. Accompanied by a few visitors who came here, I am enjoying myself walking around the villa, its garden, a tea house, a place of worship in the upper part of the garden, and a path which offers the view of the mountains in the valley. I feel surprised that the villa is so small whereas the garden is so big.

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