Didem Doğan

Road trips in the north Aegean Turkey: Bozcaada island

This little island on the North Aegean Sea is located half an hour ferry ride from the main land (Turkey). We take the ferry from Geyikli station and when we reach the island we find ourselves right at the town centre. This is an old Greek town with cobble stone streets, stone houses, colourful doors, flowers hanging from the windows, it’s so charming you never get bored of walking the same streets several times like we did everyday early in the morning before we head to the beaches and later in the evening with the first fall of the lights… We drove from one bay to the other, passing through the  vineyards, we jumped into the cold waters of the Aegean- hoping that one day these beaches would not be spoiled by commercial places-  and our stay in the island got longer and longer.  

Back at the main land after a couple of days on our way back to Istanbul we stopped at villages around the city of Canakkale, one of them was Kemerdere. This little village close to Canakkale with few inhabitants looked like a place taken out from Tarkovsky movies: empty houses, broken furnitures on its streets, an abandoned. People come here and walk down to the Roman water aquaduct , which was built during the roman era to carry water to the city of Troy, there’s a little lake down the aquaduct… We then continues to the Gallipoli peninsula: next story.

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