Didem Doğan

Road trippin’ the Turkish Riviera: from Kalkan to Kaş

You may meet somewhere a Turkish citizen who has traveled the world and will still say that even if he/she has seen the South East Asia, Caribbean, Pacific islands, some of the best beaches are located in Turkey. So I came to think about what is it that makes these Turkish bays so splendid? The first thing must be the special geographical location, that the two seas, the Aegean and the Mediterranean meet at the Southwest of Turkey and sharing the same geographical privilege with the Greek islands this mixture of two ‘waters’, the meeting of mountains and the sea, also the calm Mediterranean climate different from the tropical one, adding the Mediterranean culture with its people, food, Roman architecture, olive trees, music, this whole combination creates this heavenly atmosphere. Another reason may be the exclusive opportunity to cruise in little 6 to 8 cabin gulets, wooden sailing boats that stop in bays where you sleep under the stars and jump into deep waters and experience the turquoise blue with various shades of blue, which must be very different to be on big cruise ships. As far as I know that does not exist else where apart from Croatia. Another reason could be having the possibility to travel modestly, staying in pensions, or camping while you walk the Lycian Road, a popular route among hikers. Driving from Kalkan to Kaş, you will see a stunning scenery, the high mountains on your left and the blue sea on your right, the curving roads with little bays where you can swim. Indeed, this part of the Turkish Riviera is quite different from Bodrum or Çeşme, with their expensive beaches and hotels addressed to another tourist profile. However, no one can prevent the ongoing process that such places are also subject to changes with new investments to attract more visitors. While it is still unspoilt we come to adore once more this road trip that makes us high with its beauty.

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