Didem Doğan

Prambanan Temple

After visiting the Buddhist Temple of Borobudur we head to Prambanan Temples. 50 years younger than Borobudur and a Hindu temple, they are dedicated to the trinity of Hindu Gods, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, the creator, sustainer and the destroyer. 

Here, as in Borobudur, three areas circle one another, this time three squares, the third, most sacred one dedicated to gods is where the main temples are located, 16 main temples with 3 main temples dedicated to three gods. The square that surrounds this main square represents the earth, there used to be 224 temples here, nearly all of them destroyed now. The main temples have so many details, although we feel like we’re melting under the incredible heat, we want to pay attention to all of them. 

The main temple dedicated to Shiva has four rooms, inside which stand the sculptures of Shiva, Shiva’s wife Durga, Shiva’s teacher Agastya and Shiva’s son Ganesh. The other two temples dedicated to Vishnu and Brahma have only one sculpture inside of the same gods. The temples rise like black lego particles under the sun and this time we admire the exterior walls full of replicas from the legend of Ramayana.

Other Collections
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