Didem Doğan

Picasso Museum, Paris

It is almost impossible to find Picasso’s work in one place, you will need to visit the artist’s museums in various cities. In France where he lived most of his time there are Picasso museums in Paris and in the south in Antibes. 

The Picasso Museum in Paris is located in Le Marais district at the 17th century Hotel Sale building and during our visit ‘Picasso, masterpieces’ exhibition’ gathered some of his works brought here from different parts of the world. The exhibition opens with his first painting he made when he was only sixteen as a student in Barcelona. The Science and Charity shows a doctor next to a patient on the bed, inspired from the story of his own family, his sick sister and his doctor father, the theme of social realism was chosen by the young artist maybe because of the spirit of the era. Different series follow one another: harlequins, the same figure of the harlequin is sat with the same melancholic expression on his face; it was as if the figure was Picasso’s nostalgic double self. The bathers, a theme inspired by Cézanne whom he called ‘the father of all’, the first examples of Cubism of which the artist later would become one of the pioneers. ‘The women at their toilettes’, the women figures while they are making up, the distorted faces with eyes, noses, heads deformed. And then there is a single painting, ‘The Dance’ the artist kept for himself for a long time, during his visit to Montecarlo with is wife he used to watch these Russian Ballerinas; he was influenced by surrealism at the time. The painting was later bought by the Tate Gallery. Then the lithographs, the figures on rock stones. And last part is dedicated to his last studio in a chateau in Southern France where he spent the last years of his life. The museum also exhibits artist’s personal collection including an auto portrait of Rembrandt, paintings of various artist such as Modigliani.

Other Collections
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