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Perugia and Umbria Jazz

We reach Perugia, the capital of the Umbria region, located north of Rome, by a two and a half hour train ride from Rome.

It's like a place that hasn't changed since the Middle Ages when it was founded, and with its stone walls, narrow streets, bridges between buildings, pastel brown color, it is a place that takes you inside the moment you first start to name the city. The city is home to its fourteenth-century university and another foreigners' university; It is known as a student city and an arts centre.

Another reason that makes the city special is the famous jazz festival. Held every summer since 1973 and considered one of the best jazz festivals in the world, Umbria Jazz Festival hosts the best jazz musicians in the world in different venues. There are also free public concerts in the squares. The city becomes a place where you can meet an artist you admire in a side street, it regains its soul.

Around the old town Pizza IX Novembre, Galleria Nazzionale dell'Umbria also houses the works of the famous 15th century painter Pietro Vannucci. You can travel approximately four kilometers from the train station to the center of the old city, either by taxi or by minimeter (a small metro with 7 stops). Another beautiful thing is walking in the historical tunnel that connects the upper and lower parts of the city with escalators. Teatro Morlacchi, on the other hand, is a theater that you should not miss without listening to a concert with its historical atmosphere.

You can choose the city of Perugia as your accommodation and take daily trips to cities such as Assisi, Spello and Gubbio. It will be a wonderfully beautiful experience to breathe a medieval atmosphere between Florence and Rome.

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