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Pernambuco, Porto de Galinhas

Warm waters, a green-blue colour, natural pools inside the sea, coral reefs and the tide, these are some typical images from the Northeastern shores of Brazil. The capital city of Pernambuco state Recife is located about one hour drive from Porto de Galinhas. When you arrive at Recife airport as soon as you go out you will see travel agencies lined up one another selling tours and transfers, you can buy a shuttle service to reach to Porto de Galinhas. 

Once a fishing village, today it has totally become a tourist destination both for local and international travellers. Many visitors stay in one of the hotels or pousadas that are on the coastline two kilometres away from the centre of Porto de Galinhas. It is because the centre itself do not have a nice beach to swim, it is only visited to take the typical jangada boat, the wooden simple sailing boat for five to six passengers, to reach to the pools in the middle of the sea to see the coral reefs. But be aware that they can only be visited during two horus a day when the waters are really low, and if you’re visiting it during the rainy season like we did you do not really get the sensation as the waters cover the reefs. 

Still in Porto de Galinhas area a fun thing to do is to take a buggy, the yellow lightweight automobiles, to visit the beaches around: Muro Alto is one of them. You will notice soon the infrastructure here in the northeast is not much advanced the roads are not actually roads and rain makes them even worse, but it is fun to move in these buggies. After Porto de Galinhas you can visit the Praia dos Carneiros, located an hour away, and Maragogi at the southern part, close to the state of Alagoas. You will take a catamaran at all these beaches and enjoy the waters which look always green because of the palm trees throughout the cost and the waters are always very warm…

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