Didem Doğan

Palacio Cristal, The Crystal Palace- Danh Vo's work

There is a crystal palace hidden inside Retiro Park. I have toured the park many times in the past but have never entered the palace. As I am approaching it, the colorful tiles covering the palaces’ walls are arousing my attention. The whole building is made of glass, including its roof. Although it is the middle of January, the trees dressed in autumn colors paint the palace in a red light through its windows. Two rectangles forming a cross. A palace of glass set in an iron framework, surrounded by trees makes you feel like you are in an amazing place. In the center objects looking like animal bones hang from the ceiling suspended by strings, and in the middle a figure of Jesus on the cross; a setting in contrast with the living nature outside. This is an exhibition: Danh Vo, the artist with Vietnamese origins (his family migrated to Denmark during the Vietnam War) is exhibiting the 600 mammoth fossils he obtained from Dutch fishermen. The figure of Jesus in the middle is made with ivory. 

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