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Noto, Sicily

Val di Noto, the valley of Noto, is located at the southeast of Sicily, it is where the late baroque cities including Noto, Monica and Ragusa and other are and since 2002 they are named as a Unesco heritage site. They can be visited from Siracusa by train as day trip visits or by renting a car. 

Noto is the most visited and famous one as it is half an hour trip by train from Siracusa. It was home to the aristocracy during the 16th and 17th centuries; though most of the buildings we see today are built after the earthquake of 1693. Built in Sicilian Baroque style they line one after other; the sunshine reflected on the façades of these buildings made in limestone give them a different colour in each hour of the day and it is impressive to sit and watch how colours change. 

You can sit in front of the Noto Cathedral at the stairs of Palacio Ducezio (the Town Hall) and try to see all the details that make this architectural work a masterpiece and walk to the Café Sicilia at the corner and then walk back now to see maybe the most beautiful corner of Noto, the Chiesa di San Francesco d’Assisi all’Immacolata. The churches here are imposing from the exterios, yet very simple when you enter and see the interiors.

You may visit Noto in the morning and then continue to Modica by train in the afternoon or stay here until the sunset and go back to Siracusa. But if you have only one day do not miss Noto.

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