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Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro- who was Oscar Niemeyer?

If you think you have spent enough time in Rio’s old town and on its famous beaches that line up along the shore, you may try travelling to the other side of the city and admiring it from there, which would give you the opportunity to visit one of the marks Oscar Niemeyer, the legendary architect, left behind in his country. 

Many inhabitants of Rio commute on this route to go to work in the morning and get back home in the evening; we take a ferry that departs from the port in the old town and come back via the highway over the land. This building which looks like it has just landed on Earth on its way back from the deep space is the Niterói Contemporary Art Museum. Its second floor is allocated to various exhibitions and wholly encased in glass so you can get a wonderful view of Guanabara Bay. 

Oscar Niemeyer was the world-celebrated and awarded Brazilian architect who made a big impact on the urban scenery of Brasilia, the new capitol, with buildings he designed. He also has other works in Rio, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Curitiba as well as Brasilia. You cannot find straight lines in Meyer’s architectural style; he holds that everything in nature is curved and round. In a country full of mountains, oceans and forests, a country where the nature reigns, only man-made buildings like Niemeyer’s works blend perfectly in the natural surroundings of the country. Niemeyer was also a well-known figure with his biography as well as his buildings. He was a member and later the head of the communist party; he lived in exile for a while when his country was governed by the dictatorial regime and came back later on; he championed his communist ideas until his dying breath; When he was older, he started an architecture and culture magazine with the help of his wife; he had always been a figure of thought and creativity. 

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