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New York’s museums: Moma

Picasso’s ‘Les Dames d’Avignon’, Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Nights’, Warhol’s 'The Last Supper’, Dali’s ‘The persistence of the Memory,’ these paintings may sound classical pieces today but when you imagine the world of 1929, the birth year of the Museum of Modern Art in New York they must have been the most avant-garde and provocative art works of the era. 

New York’s art scene relies mostly on private funds, philanthropy is almost equal with supporting arts here in New York. Mama was founded as an initiative of Rockefeller family. One naturally thinks about the dilemma here, that highly provocative works of art and their being supported by corporations, a guarantee of the system, how can these two things co-exist; however art is totally a business in New York. 

Some of the famous works you’ll see are those of Warhol’s. Andy Warhol’s golden Marilyn Monroe gathers the concepts of fame and death in an iconic face. Another famous piece of him is the last supper depicting Da Vinci’s painting in a pop art way with logos of famous brands on it such as the pink Dove logo and the General Electric’s blue one referring to company’s motto ‘GE brings good things to light’, painting draws attention to the relationship between holiness and capitalism.

At the first floor is a video installation and an exhibition named ‘The world is never done’ telling the story of Judson Dance Theatre’s, a group of dancers and choreographers in 60s, who gathered in Greenwich Village with their improvised works and gatherings in a church. Note: Friday nights are free of charge.

The entrance fee is USD 25 and the museum is free of charge the first Friday of every month between 16.00-18.00.

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