Didem Doğan

National Art Center

There are the National Art Center, Mori Museum and Suntory Museum in the district called Roppongi Art Triangle. 

National Art Museum is a place mostly devoted to traditional art. We came across two Japanese calligraphy exhibitions here. Japanese calligraphy is an art we are familiar with: writings in ink, on long and narrow pieces of cloth, in the Japanese alphabet, similar to hat, the Turkish calligraphy art. They are very aesthetic visually and not knowing the meaning of writings does not stop you from admiring them. The calligraphy art is related to Zen. Since each symbol can only be drawn once using a brush dipped in ink, it requires a perfectly clear mind. A totally focused mind, purified of all thoughts, and letters flowing naturally, rather than thorough controlled effort…it reminds us that the things which seem the simplest are the most difficult ones.

Other Collections
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