Didem Doğan

My Neighborhoods: Barranca and MATE

If you are not in Miraflores, the city’s most chic, biggest and wealthiest and most touristic region of Lima on the shore, the city may seem to you like a place you would not spend time at except for business, an over-industrialized town which is aesthetically not very pleasing with its labyrinthine streets and commonplace buildings along the roads. However, there are areas which stand in contrast with the general look of the city and Barranca is one of them. I don’t quite remember how I got there: I guess I walked along the shore from Miraflores to the south and I found myself in this neighbourhood which welcomed me with its one-storey houses along the road, its painted walls, and its calm and bohemian atmosphere. I came across an exhibition of photographer Testino who I learned is Peruvian, stopped by at the shops of expats, and I likened the streets here lined with the trees and houses to the neighborhood of Coyoácan in Mexico city where Frida Kahlo lived in the famous Blue House. In Barranca you will also find the foundation of a world-celebrated photographer. Mario Testino was born in Peru, he went to the UK to study photography at a young age, and waited tables on his way to success just like everyone else…He is also the founder of this museum in a building which was transformed from an old colonial house into a cultural center. It is said that this museum hosts an artist from London for three months every year. Here at this exhibition we see pictures of world celebrities, such as Kate Moss, Gisele Bundchen, Gywneth Paltrow, royal families etc.

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