Didem Doğan

Museo del Oro: The Gold Museum and the people of Zenu

This Museum is dedicated to the culture and people of Zenu. Around 200 to 1600 B.C. the area of the north of today’s Colombia, at the interior lands of the Caribbean shores, developed the culture of the people of Zenu. The people were farmers, hunters, with an advanced level of civilisation: they built water channels, developed the gold craft and left us many pieces, clue to their life, that are now exhibited in this museum. Unfortunately with the arrival of the Spanish it came to an end. The collection of the museum is much more smaller when compared to the Gold Museum in Bogota (pls read our stories), but they are still very precious. You will find pieces from the people of Tumacas who lived long before the Zenus around 500 B.C., jewels, breast plates, rings, nose rings, human miniatures. Do not miss this educational visit and go inside this museum which is right at the Bolivar square across the Inquisition Palace.

Other Collections
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