Didem Doğan

Museo de Arte Moderna: The Modern Art Museum

I am walking from the Customs Square to the Square of San Pedro and I see this museum on my left, a one store rock stone building with a high ceiling. I go inside, at the entrance the photographs of Gabriel Garcia Marquez with a note on the wall signed by himself. He is telling the story of this building, with that style of him, as if he’s telling the destiny of a person. When he was a young journalist spending his nights in a state of ‘insomnia’, they used to come here late at night early in the morning, which was then a cellar, and listen to the sounds of the ships departing from the port near by, feeling sad with each ship going away. Then he talks about his memories with each of the artists whose works are shown in the museum: his encounter with E. Grau at the movies in Bogotá, the clown drawn by the painter Cecilia Porras, and tell you the story of the art works that ended up here, which is now the Museo of Modern Art. I go inside and admire the sculptures of Enrique Grau, learn about one of the most important woman painters of Cartagena, Cecilia Porras and her participation in the Barranquilla Group of 1945, which then was an avant-garde art movement.

Other Collections
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