Didem Doğan

Morelia Cathedral

The churches painted in the colours of Mexico are a reason to visit the country on their own. The empty temples which surpassed the common purpose of the churches in European cities and became places to visit instead of places of worship are the places where people pray day and night. If we suspend the criticism of the history of Christian missionarism during the colonial period and evaluate these churches only in terms of their aesthetic and architectural values, one characteristic you would like the most is that they have created a novel style, taking the patterns of the neo-classical, baroque etc. styles, combining them with the influence of the Moroccan culture imported from Andalusia and re-designing everything in the myriad colors of these lands. Of course, this is an effect observable not only at the churches, but at the squares, palaces, streets, in sum, in all colonial cities. Having visited many churches, we realize that they saved the best for the end of our journey. This is a massive cathedral with two towers displaying a combination of many styles; its interior is so beautiful it is worth staying inside for a long while, admiring it. 

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