Didem Doğan

Mexico, an introduction

Mexico is one of those places that is so rich you cannot grasp it on your first visit. The Maya-Aztec culture, the colonial history, the famous Mexican Revolution… With its architectural heritage, vibrant cultural life- museums, exhibitions, a sophisticated art history- its cinema, it has become a pioneer and the cultural capital for the rest of Latin American countries. Considering this richness a travel to Mexico will ask for a long period of time; so if you have only ten days to two weeks you will decide which part you are willing to see: the colonial cities around the capital city or the Maya and Aztec sights in southern parts of the country. The capital Mexico City needs at least three to four days to be explored: the historical centre Zócalo with its National Museum, Fine Arts Museum; you can spend an entire day in Anthropology Museum. The neighbourhood of Cuayacan with the Blue House, the Dolores Olmedo Museum are places you can visit if you are into arts and culture. The colonial cities are a delight, you can spend one day or two in each city and explore them on foot: Dolores Hidalgo, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Zacatecas, Guadalajara, Pátzcuaro, Morelia, they are picturesque, small, lively and colourful towns that will make you say you would definitely want to come back to Mexico again. The period I’m visiting, December of 2010 was both the celebrations of 200 years of independence from Spain and 100 year of the Mexican Revolution, so each of these cities were full of attractions; here are the colonial towns of the path of independence.

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