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Meet an artist: Ernesto Neto

Rio de Janeiro born Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto is one of Brazil’s renowned names in the international arena. His art defined as abstract minimalism is now well recognised by art lovers. He had exhibitions in main art centres of the world such as Venice Biennial in 2001, in Paris at Pantheon with his work Leviathan Thot in 2006, in Zurich train station with ‘Gaia Mother Tree’ in 2018, at London’s Hayward Gallery in 2010 with ‘Edges of the world’, in New York’s Armory on Park Avenue with ‘Anthropodino’ in 2009, at Guggenheim Bilbao in 2014 with ‘The body that carries me’. This exhibition at his home country Brazil is taking place at Pinocateca in São Paulo. His sculptures and installations usually have this big, soft shapes with elastic material; they look like living organisms. According to Neto what we have in common is bigger than what divides us. Shapes that look like sperms, vagina, they all refer to human being’s birth. What we all come from and where we all go to…

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