Didem Doğan

Los Angeles: from Venice Beach to Santa Monica

Los Angeles is always sunny. The surfers who are waiting for waves at the early hours of the morning before anyone wakes up look like tiny penguins in the open waters of Venice Beach. On the way to Santa Monica tattooed street performers, peddlers, skateboarders, cyclists, all people are moving around. We are leaving Venice Beach where subcultures somewhat prevail, and arriving in Santa Monica which is more posh. It reminds me of Rio with its line of apartments along the long shore of the Pacific Ocean and the road with trees on the sides, but it does not have Rio’s mountains, forests, chain of beaches and crazy energy. Behind the hills here is desert. The level of welfare and the rich Western people’s stance are so dissimilar to those in the Latin countries. It is, though, the most enjoyable place here in Los Angeles to hang out. And if you stay, like we did, in Marina del Rey area you will not only e close to Venice Beach and Santa Monica, but also close to the international airport LAX.

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