Didem Doğan

Jim Thompson House Museum

This house, where American businessman Jim Thompson spent part of his interesting life, is today one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bangkok.

Jim Thompson is an interesting personality who was born in the USA as the son of a textile manufacturer, studied architecture, later abandoned it, joined the army, and served in the US mission in the Far East with the aim of protecting Thailand from Japanese occupation. While continuing his duty in the army, he embarked on some business investments and founded the Thailand Silk Company. This house, built according to traditional Thai architecture, which he had built with the wealth he acquired, houses a large collection of Asian art, so much so that when you visit the museum, you get an idea of the wealth it has acquired. Chinese ceramics, Belgian glass, Cambodian carvings, Burmese sculptures, a table used by the King of Thailand, and many other details are located in this wonderful house.

Thompson then disappeared, and his life ended in a strange way, although the reason is still unclear today. He is still known as an enigmatic character today due to his roles as a businessman, retired soldier, collector, and perhaps spy.

The museum is open every day from 10.00 to 18.00, and the entrance fee is 200 baht. It has a stylish cafe and a restaurant. You can find items selling designer products in its store.

BTS metro stop: Siam

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