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Iguazu Waterfalls: Brazil and Argentina

Iguazu Waterfalls, located both on Brazilian and Argentina land, is one of the biggest and most magnificent natural formations in the world ensuring that one will spend some time exploring both countries. 

Since the greatest part of the waterfall lies on Argentina’s soil, the view from the Brazilian side is more beautiful; you can see it from a wider point of view and you can admire most of the waterfalls directly across from them like a painting. Nevertheless you are closer to the water on the Argentina side, where they built a platform over the river and you walk on it, taking in all the sounds, the wetness and the force of the water. Let’s say you live it on one side and you feel it on the other.

 If you are in Buenos Aires you will fly to Iguazu airport in Argentina, if in Brazil you will need to fly to Iguaçu on the Brazilian side. It’s recommendable to see the both parts in two separate days as the parks are quite big and on the Brazilian side you will visit the Bird Park as well which cannot be missed. If you're making a big trip of Argentina and Brazil you can consider a two nights stay here and plan flying form Buenos Aires to Iguazu and continuing from Iguaçu to Rio de Janeiro, or vv.

‘God is greater than all of our problems’. This is what a visitor scribbled on a rock at Iguana Waterfalls National Park. He could not express his admiration and the beauty and force of the nature in other words.

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