Didem Doğan

Hello to the Upsala and Spagazzini glaciers

Apart from Perito Moreno there are two other glaciers that are included in organised touristic tours; Upsala and Spagazzini are also located inside the Glacier Park and can be reached by boat. We start the boat trip on the Argentinian Lake, it takes a 4-5 hour trip to go and come back. These are comfortable tourist boats with both open and closed areas. As we pass the Devil’s throat and take the left turn we start seeing the little particles of icebergs on the water, we then reach to the Upsala glacier, the big icebergs have surreal shapes. We actually see only a little part of it at the end of the glacier, it is the longest glacier, starting in Chile ending in Argentina it is sixty meters long. The icebergs have all different shapes, colours, size, ones with a big hole in the middle, or others with circle lines… As we continue our trip we reach to the Spagazzini glacier, similar to Perito Moreno we see the façade, this one is a bit higher, about 70 meters, and this height creates an illusion, although we are 100 meters away from the glacier it seems like we are much closer. As we start our journey back I realise that the mountains nearby are covered with forests, which is different from the rest of Patagonia’s mountains that are plain, and treeless due to the erosion. The sun turns us her face again and the icebergs shine with happiness!

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