Didem Doğan

Hamarikyu Gardens

I am getting off the ferry at this spot and walking at Hamarikyu Gardens. Originally the private residence of the Shogun and his family in the 17th century, the Hamarikyu Gardens are today open to the public. It is a green spot for some fresh air in the massive city of Tokyo. There is a tea house over its lake: you enter taking off your shoes, they serve you fluorescent green macha tea in ceramic cups and you start watching the ducks on the lake, ordering one more cup of tea. The several cups of macha tea I had which, I later found out, contain a big dose of caffeine which is kicking in while I am scrambling to stand up, put my shoes on and walk back to the park. Although I entered through the gate on the riverside, I am heading to the exit of the park which leads to the Ginza neighbourhood.

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