Didem Doğan

Graffiti: the cry of unheard voices

It’s more than a street art, it is the unheard voices shouting from the walls, the best way to learn about the sub cultures. All the messages, artistic, conceptual, political, humorous are hidden in these walls. The graffiti tours take place every morning and afternoon starting from the Journalists Park and walking through the streets of la Candelaria and lasts about 2,5 hours, guided by qualified guides who give you all the details about the artists and their works. You are expected to tip at the end. It’s fun and educational. The main cities of Latin America such as Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Bogota, Valparaiso Chile, graffiti has become a part of cities’ silhouette and one of the main tourist attractions. Some of the graffiti artists are worldwide known artists who travel from one city to the other and leave their signature on the walls, some of the works are worth hundred thousands of dollars.

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