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Gandhi Monument- Places That Take off Their Hats to Humanity

Is Gandhi the father of the nation just because he saved his country from the grips of Imperial colonisation? Romain Rolland begs to differ: “Mahatma’s fight is the fight of all of us.” 

Son of a Jainist father and a wealthy but non-Brahman family, Mahatma studied law and went to South Africa to practice it. He witnessed the cruelty thousands of Indians including himself in this land received. Inspired by Tolstoy, he established a farming colony and recruiting factory workers, he paralysed the industry and overpowered the rulers. After coming back to his country, he called for the peasants, farmers and workers to fight the outrageous taxes and discrimination of the colonial regime. Throughout his life he chose and practiced pacifist civil disobedience, avoiding violence. He was killed by the bullet of a Muslim nationalist and his ashes were scattered around various places in the world from Nile’s origin in Uganda to Los Angeles and India. Today he continues to inspire us to fight injustice and tyranny without taking up arms. The monument in New Delhi is protected by the prayers expressed in various languages of those who pass by it. 

Raj Ghat, the memorial of Gandhi is a black marble platform at the cremation spot of Mahatma Gandhi in New Delhi and is open to visit everyday from 06.30 to 18.00.

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