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Gallery walk on Hollywood Road: Yan Gallery, Wellington, Opera, Yellow Corner, Connosseur, La Galerie

The old town of Hong Kong, known as the Central district is not only historically significant for the city as it is founded here as a port trading city in late nineteenth century, but it is also a visiting point for art lovers for its numerous galleries with artists’ works from around the world. 

It is fun to pop in to check what’s on, go to the next gallery and get inspired from various art worlds from both the East and the West. You can start your walk on the Hollywood Road at the former Police Station, which is being renovated to be re-opened as culture and arts center. Just across this white elegant colonial building you will find the Yan Gallery, one of the artists that make the gallery’s collection is Hu Long Kai. The Shanghai-born artist is world famous now, his exhibition ‘Wish you were here’ was just held here at this gallery. 

As you walk along the road you will see the Opera Gallery with various branches in the main cities of the world, then the Wellington Gallery. If you walk the opposite side of Hollywood Road towards the Hollywood Hotel with painted outside walls of the cinema icons, you will reach to the Yellow Corner Photography arts, lots of photographic works with various themes are sold. A little bit further is the La Galerie Paris is hosting the photographer Cyril Delettre’s works, disc-shaped photographs produced with a different technique look like paintings, they are inspired by Hong Kong’s vibrant energy. Very close to this gallery you will find the PMQ, a design centre with shops selling the local designer’s works and you can find anything, from shoes and bags to stationary. 

Other Collections
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