Didem Doğan

Gaitán: a lost hope for Colombians

A little wall painting in the old town between the two buildings, the head of a man shouting, or calling people, and looking hopeful for the future. This political figure is an important one in the history of Colombia, he is Jorge Eliécer Gaitán, after starting to work as Mayor he became Minister. When he became a candidate for presidency they started to see him as a threat and he became the victim of a political assassination. A travel story, a man leaves Cuba to travel till Colombia in order to meet this man and talk to him about his communist ideals, this man is Fidel Castro, at that time an ordinary man nobody knows. This is the story of the picture we see in 1000 Colombian pesos. Another story of several political assassinations in the bloody history of Colombia. A lost hope for the Colombian people who could be governed by a man of the people as it says on the note ‘Yo no soy un hombre, soy un pueblo’, meaning ‘I am not a man, I am people.’; ‘El pueblo es superior a sus dirigentes’, ‘The people are superior to their governors’.

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