Didem Doğan

From Sarajevo to Mostar

Stari Most, the Mostar Bridge has become a symbol of the civil war in ex-Yugoslavia, when Europe and the whole world watched the savagery happening right under their nose. For almost 500 years it had stood elegantly but during the war it was destroyed in 1993 by the Croatians, and it became iconic later on. Today one can visit the small town and see the bridge renovated. It’s a couple of hours from Sarajevo, we recommend you to take the slow but scenery rail road, travel along the valleys and green mountains, chat with the Bosnian on the road, share food with them like we did. When you arrive in Mostar you can walk to the town center from the station, the city is that small, reach the river, it will look bright green, and the bridge is seen from every where yet it has a hidden and simple beauty. You can make a day trip to Mostar from Sarajevo and then continue to Kotor by bus, like we did, passing through the Croatian border in Herceg Novi.

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