Didem Doğan

From Santa Barbara to San Diego

Leaving San Francisco in the morning , after almost eight hours along the Pacific shores the night falls and we arrive in this quiet place which looks like the summer and weekend resort of the upper middle class Americans. It feels like a place where life is always beautiful, with people, devoid of hurry, walking quietly along the shore. And during the entire trip to California we are at our happiest in Santa Barbara. Cycling along the coastline, enjoying the view of town at the terrace of the Courthouse, life is easy and relaxing here after climbing the hills of San Francisco. We then continue to San Diego with the same Amtrak line enjoying more of the Pacific coastline, stopping even for a few minutes in Los Angeles station, later to come back, gives us the impression that it is a giant metropole. When compared to San Francisco’s European atmosphere and variety of cultural events or Los Angeles’ hip style and vibrant energy San Diego is much smaller and you may decide to spend less time. Here too it is still possible to find the Hispanic atmosphere , from the names of neighbourhoods, to its climate, and migrant profile. Do not forget to spend some time in Balboa park.

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