Didem Doğan

From Japanese Garden to Recoleta Cemetery

This is a great route; the street extends in a straight line and October here is the month jacaranda trees bloom in purple, month that smells like the warm pre-summer happiness. And this route goes through the Soho neighbourhood that has the most elite and cleanest streets and villas, the inside of which one can only imagine. 

The Japanese Garden is a replica of those gardens in Japan that has no single unpleasant feature. On the morning that started off with a Japanese Garden tour, you will arrive in Recolatas, walking past the Soho neighbourhood, absorbing the European atmosphere of Buenos Aires folks doing their Sunday jogging on the long street, strolling around in Malba and going past the university buildings. If it is a Sunday, the place will be more animated with peddlers, dogs lying in the grass, people and sandwich sellers. 

Recoletas will invite you in with a majestic entrance that looks less like a cemetery gate and much more like a museum door. Inside the cemetery is peaceful just like any other graveyard, but it seems as if it has an ambience ill-fitting a burial ground; very flamboyant with its ornate doors, and marbles exported from Italy. Graves in rows can be visited taking the streets one by one. Argentinean presidents including Eva Peron, Nobel laurate scientists and artists, they all have graves here.

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